About Fyre

Fyre [fahyuhr] Creative is the working name of me, Tam McDonald; a web designer and developer, internet and code fanatic, and terrible gamer from Maidstone, Kent in the UK. My aim is simple, to give you the online presence your deserve.

I take care of every step in the creation of your website. From research and initial concept to final product, I'm there every step of the way to ensure you get exactly what you're after. It's this hands on approach to my work that pleases my clients and makes me stand out, where big design companies often fail.

Not only will I make your website, I'll also host it for you and make sure it stays up-to-date with the latest in web technology. I'll also gladly help any client with updating and maintaining the content of their site, as I understand that not everyone is a computer wiz!

I also offer discounts for non-profits and charities, just get in contact to find out more.


Click on a skill to the right to learn more. Each skill is colour coded to help give you an idea of my level of proficiency.

Green Highly Proficient
Blue Experienced
Orange Some Experience

HTML and the more modern HTML5 are the primary coding languages when creating a website. It is the language used when coding the structure and content of a website

When you have been building websites as long as I have, it becomes a second language!

I use a Mac based application called Coda to hand code all my websites.


Like HTML/ HTML5, CSS and it's updated counterpart CSS3 are key coding languages for websites. Unlike HTML, CSS is used for the look and style of the website.

As with HTML, I use a Mac based application called Coda to hand code all my websites.


PHP and MySQL are often seen as two sides of the same coin, but are made as two separate entities.

PHP is another coding language, but unlike HTML and CSS it is not used as core code when building websites. PHP is used for server side functions such as pulling data from a MySQL database, or submitting a form (to give two of many examples).

MySQL is a relational database management system that runs on web servers. It is used to store data which can later be pulled onto a websites front end using various coding languages. For most of my work with MySQL, I use PHP.

JavaScript & jQuery

JavaScript allows me to, primarily, enhance the user experience on my websites through both obvious front-end manipulations and more subtle effects behind the scenes.

jQuery is a JavaScript library that makes my coding more efficient, allowing for less code and faster loading times.

CMS's - WordPress & ExpressionEngine

WordPress and ExpressionEngine are the two primary CMS's that I use for clients websites.

Content Management Systems (CMS's) are used to allow for easy updating by the client. These are private areas of the website that only the admins of the site can access. They control the content displayed on the site that viewers see.

WordPress is used when I am creating smaller scale sites, where the client wants to be able to easily update the site with new content such as a news area or blog.

ExpressionEngine is used for larger sites where greater control for the client is needed. ExpressionEngine is used by major companies such as Adobe, Apple, BBC, & Disney.


Photoshop is a well known piece of graphics software from Adobe.

I have been using Photoshop for a good few years now, and it is my first port of call when designing a website. My multiple monitor set-up allows me to have research open on one screen, and Photoshop open on another. This makes designing websites a much more efficient process.

Using Photoshop also allows me to quickly modify designs to better suit a client if need be, meaning the time it takes to produce a fully functional website is reduced.

API's - YouTube, Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Vimeo, Google Maps

My experience with various application programming interfaces (API's) from major social websites around the internet means I can easily integrate your social networks directly into your website.

Social media integration (for sites such as Facebook and Twitter) into your website is an easy way to add a layer of interactivity. Putting a "like" or "tweet" button on your website gives your target audience an easy way to show their appreciation for you and your site, and is also a great incentive for word of mouth advertising!

For other sites where you upload your own digital content (such as YouTube and Flickr), using their API's I can easily integrate your content on those sites into your own. This means that when you upload a video to YouTube, or an image to Flickr, for example, they will automatically show up on your website! You can also pick and choose what content should be visible on your site and what should not.

Logo design

Whilst websites are my main work, I also have experience in logo design. In my portfolio above, I have some examples of websites for which I have also created a logo, as well as some logos I have designed without a website.

Similar to designing websites, I use Photoshop to design logos as well.

CMS's - Drupal, Joomla, ect.

When making a website I will always use either WordPress or ExpressionEngine as a default CMS. However, if a client were to request I use an alternate CMS such as Drupal or Joomla, I will always be willing.

Whilst I focus on the WordPress and ExpressionEngine when building websites, I always make sure I stay up-to-date with the goings on and code of many other CMS's. This means I am flexible enough to work with pretty much any CMS on the market.

General Contact If you have a question, request, or just want to chat!